Our Team


Becca - Manager

Being the manager requires hard-work, observation and exceptional customer services skills.  Becca started working with us in 2019 (after a lot of begging).  She quickly finished her management training before set deadline and has proven her commitment for the team.

In addition, Becca is working on the bar.  Her cocktail making skills will surely make your visits to our salon more enjoyable. 


Sophie - Receptionist

Starting with us at very early age as part-time staff, Sophie has been with our business from the start and has been able to master our framework.  Sophie can accurately make and schedules appointments with very short notice.  She is training to be technician and designer. Sophie has a very positive attitude and is always happy to work.


Thora - Nails Art Designer

Attention to details is one of Thora's best attributes to the team.  Not only she is passionate about nails, but also she is able to bring her imagination to life in the form of nail art.  With many years experience, she is able to train our staff up to our standard with her skills.


Sky aka Kai - Customer Service

He talks a lot, he talks more than the whole team of Glitter & Beauty 1, Glitter & Beauty 2.0 and BX CORPORATION's employees combined.

He is currently training to be new designer in the team.

Fully qualified technician and acrylic trainer.


Chloe - Nail Polish and Designer

Chloe finished her training at the shop whilst training in beauty at college.  She then joined us full time in 2019.  She has been specially training in gel polish and nail art designs. Chloe has an eye for details and is very creative with her designs. 

Maya - Technician

Maya was working in many different places before joining our team so she understands working under pressure.  As our newest member of the team, Maya is a fast learner with exceptional focus and notices small details. Maya brings enthusiasm to our team and is always bringing creative new ideas forward. 

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